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Open House Saturday, June 8 - Sunday, June 9, 2019


Saturday 8 (from 14 to 7 pm) and Sunday 9 June (from 10: 00 to 19: 00), we welcome you to a tasting of all of our wines, the discovery of the field, old cellars, work of basketry... For Sunday, opportunity to bring your picnic wine offered on-site

Winemakers show independent door Versailles Paris from November 29 to December 2, 2018 Stand D32


Come and meet us at the fair of wine in Paris Stand D32. We will make you our different wines. We will discover the latest and share a moment of conviviality.


Special offer old vintages


Dear customers, for your holidays of end of the year exceptional offer "Old wines", free shipping

Festival of the wine of the hillsides of Quercy 2017 to Castelnau-Montratier


Saturday, August 12, from 9: 00 entertainment, crafts, crafts, games and workshops for children will be on the place Gambetta, throughout the day. Src:

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Discover and enjoy the area ...


You can visit, taste free, choose your vintages, enjoy the conditions of the Direct Selling

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Open days - may 19-20, 2018


Free of all of our wines, discovering the area, tasting of the winery, old cellars! Come and discover the wine white soft 2017.Samedi and Sunday you can attend the manufacturing and baking of bread in the oven in stone of the area. In the work of basketry in the presence of old cars. The music with "Paw redhead".

Visit the winery and tasting


Opening the winery Monday to Saturday, Sunday by appointment


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A family know-how


Planted on a land of rockslides and wooded hills, the 16 hectares of the area of the guard draw from the Sun and the mineral components of a unique personality. This vineyard that dates back to 2000 years ago, the wines of the "slopes of Quercy" had the status of designation of origin - wines of superior quality delimited on December 28, 1999.